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  • New South Charm
    Columbia's motto is "Old South Charm, New South Progress."  It appeared on the old city limits signs until the 1990s. 2003
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  • Dimple, TN
    The rich soil of Maury County has led to its citing as "the Garden Spot of the World," and the Central Basin has been referred to as "the Dimple of the Universe."
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  • Muleshadow

    Mule Day Fair, Columbia, Tennessee, 2004

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  • Cow in Pasture
    Back roads farm, Spring Hill 1978
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  • American Mule
    Mule Day, Columbia, TN, 1987
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  • Mules For Sale
    The day before Mule Day, an open-air mule auction has been traditionally held on East Seventh Street. Captured the bidding here. Columbia, TN, 1986
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  • Four Cows
    RQ on the road CQ visit to Knoxville and Columbia, Murfreesboro, TN, 2004
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  • Lone Horse
    Tennessee, 1980
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  • The Return of the King

    An Elvis impersonator at Mule Day, Columbia, TN, 1996

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  • Paints
    Paints Since 1907, Columbia, TN, 1984
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  • Benton with Mule Twins
    Oliver Benton Quin IV. Mule Day Fair, Columbia, TN, 1990
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  • Gentleman in Jacket
    Downtown, Columbia, TN, 1985
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  • Frank
    Mr. Frank Flanagan was dressed to the nines for Mule Day, Columbia, TN 1985
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  • Judge
    Taylor Rayburn was County Judge of Maury County from 1974 to 1985; during his term, the position was renamed County Executive. Store Norris Hunter's Park Seed Company on the Columbia Public Square, now the space occupied
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  • Kid Sheriff & Guns
    Downtown, Columbia, TN, 1974
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  • 1¢ Weight, 5¢ Horoscope
    This machine stood around town in several locations.  It was owned by Murphy Fraser, and Bob Duncan and Buzz Nesbit "operated" it one summer, collecting a grand total of fifty-three cents. Columbia, TN, 1976
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  • Norris
    Mr. Norris Hunter operated the Park Seed Company, which was Columbia's oldest business when Clark was growing up.  Clark caught him spinning yarns atop a seed bin in the store on the Public Square. Columbia, TN,1985
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  • Well Here's Dixie, Away, Away
    Dixie Loans occupied the former Stephenson Drug Store on the southeast corner of the Public Square in the 1970s. Columbia, TN, 1976
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  • Hop's
    Hop Dorris operated two pool halls in downtown Columbia when Clark was growing up. "The Shamrock" was located on the Public Square, "Hop's" was on South Main Street. Columbia, TN, 1976
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  • Variety Record Shop
    Began in Columbia as a local store for Ernest Tubb Record Shop of Nashville. Originally located on West Seventh Street, it later moved to the southwest corner of the Public Square. Clark bought a lot of records here from the proprietor, Edna Lentz. Before computers we were satisfied with record players.—CQ  Columbia, TN, 1976
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  • Fifty Beautiful Units
    An excellent neon sign at the James K. Polk Motel, Columbia.  The Polk is the last of the once-common motor court motels still in operation in Columbia, TN.  It is owned by JRN, Inc. 2007
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  • The Athenaeum
    Grew up across the street from the Athenaeum Rectory when it was still occupied by Miss Carrie Smith, a descendent of the school's founder.  This 1971 photo, the earliest in the exhibit, was taken from the attic of the adjoining home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Algood.
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  • Bills Kids
    These are some of the many grandchildren of Clark's mother's cook, Annie Mae Bills, photographed at her house on Bridge Street, Columbia, TN, 1976
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  • Mule Hat Flower
    New Orleans, LA 1980
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  • Richard and Friends
    Younger brother Richard (left), with friends Buddy Speakman and William Tracy, photographed at Metal Ford, where the old Natchez Trace crossed the Buffalo River in Lewis County, 1974
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  • Victrola

    Vine Hill, Cross Bridges, 1980


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  • Columbia Plaza
    Columbia's first strip shopping center was built a block away from Clark's home on the site of the old Columbia Institute, where Clark's mother attended school.  In Clark's childhood, it was occupied by H. G. Hill's Grocery, Grant's (a general goods store), Wilson Quick Pharmacy, and Kroger's.  Today, it houses the Columbia Post Office, Fred's, and Food Land. Columbia, TN, 2003
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  • Café
    Mount Pleasant, TN, 1996
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  • Trucker's Rest Room
    This structure, no longer extant, was a part of Stan's Truck Stop, a long-time business in Spring Hill, later the Poplar House Restaurant. Stan's later relocated to the Highway 412 exit on Interstate 65 and still operates today. Spring Hill, TN, 1986
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  • Bucky's
    This was the first restaurant in Columbia to sell Broasted Chicken. Columbia, TN, 2006
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  • Coming Soon
    The Second is Coming Soon of Christ, Ready? Mule Day Fair, Columbia, TN, 1985
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  • Barber Shop
    Barber ShopThis tiny building on South Main Street housed a barber shop known as the "Elbow Room" for many years. Columbia, TN, 1994
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  • Fountain Creek Mill
    A number of early mills were built on Fountain Creek, some dating to at least 1808. This large mill at Fountain Heights was the fourth mill on the creek and was operated by Charles Denton for many years.  The mill burned after the land was acquired for the TVA Columbia Reservoir, which was never built.  The site is now part of the Duck River Wildlife Management Area. TN, 1977
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  • Holy Cross Church
    Mount Pleasant's Holy Cross Episcopal Church had been deconsecrated and the congregation consolidated with St. Peter's Church in Columbia long before Clark photographed its building, no longer extant. 1978.
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  • John Gordon House
    Capt. John Gordon house, ferry, and trading post stood near the Old Natchez Trace, a primitive Indian trail which was the main highway to the Old Southwest from the mid-1780's to 1830. Gordon operated his commercial enterprise where the Trace crossed the Duck River, when the legendary figures of Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, Davy Crockett (and assorted types of boatmen, merchants, soldiers, murderers, thieves, ect. traveled the historic route until the advent of the steamboat in the middle 1810's. Hickman County, TN, 1976
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  • Jackson Falls
    Andrew Jackson stopped his men on the way back from the Battle of New Orleans near this waterfall on the Natchez Trace in Hickman County, TN, 1974
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  • Shad fish
    Visit Aunt Baby Clark house, Rogerville, Alabama and Tennessee River, 1976
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  • Hi-Way 50 Drive In
    Highway 50, Fayetteville, TN 1984
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  • Rock City
    RQ on the road CQ visit to Knoxville and Columbia: The Enchanted Trail, See Seven States, Crossville, TN, 2004
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  • Used Records
    Used Records 3 for $1.00, Trains, Depot Street, Columbia, TN 1980?
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  • Train Tracks
    Columbia, TN, 1976
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  • Lucille's
    Columbia's second oldest surviving restaurant (after the Pickwick/Old Lamplighter), Lucille's is located in a second building on its original site.  "Louise and Lucille" started the business as "The Pie Wagon" in the 1930s; after Louise's death, Lucille continued to run it.  Clark lived in walking distance, and ate quite a number of meals here. Columbia, TN, 1980
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  • Swap Shop
    Fraser Swap Shop, "We Buy Sell or Trade", Columbia, TN, 1970-1980?
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  • Titans
    Bar, Columbia, TN, 2004
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  • Elvis Cadillac Gold
    Fleetwood Cadillac, Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN, 1974
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  • Adult News
    Broadway, Nashville,  TN, 1974
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  • On the Road
    Clark caught this tour bus on Interstate 65 in 1978.  Kitty Wells made history as the first female to top the country music charts with her 1952 hit, "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels."  She married Johnny Wright of "Johnny and Jack" in 1937. Interstate TN, 1978
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  • Take 5
    Take 5 Bar and Tips and Popcorn and Music. The airport first opened in 1937 as Berry Field, BNA. Nashville is a 1975 American musical film directed by Robert Altman. Old Nashville Airport, TN, 1975
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  • The Parthenon
    A Widelux shot of the base of the Doric columns encircling Nashville's replica of the Parthenon in Athens. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Nashville, TN, 1985
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